Fully Alive with Passion

May 4, 2022 I’m here in my living room reclined in my favorite chair.  It’s been a long but great day!  As I unwind, I’m  between glancing at what’s on the TV and listening to my daughter sing Justin Bieber’s “Baby” song upstairs.  She’s in pretend mode, and I love it.  In her mind she’s […]

Eastertide: Can’t stop it.  Might as well embrace it!

April 20, 2022 What an amazing Easter Sunday we experienced together!  Our church was filled with life and celebration as Christ was proclaimed as the Resurrected Savior!  I’ve got news for you though! The best is still yet to come!  What we experienced on Easter Sunday is only meant to be the beginning of a […]

Getting Ready to Embrace the Empty Tomb

April 13, 2022 It’s my first Easter Sunday at First Baptist Church Carrollton. It’s my first Easter Sunday as a senior pastor.  I’m excited to embrace the empty tomb with you all, but I’m also a little nervous too.  I reached out to a few friends who have years of experience as senior pastor to […]

Return to the Cross: Humility

March 30, 2022 Return to the Cross: Humility Now I’m not one who typically does this type of thing, but let’s talk current events.  As my daughter Maggie says, “Daddy, let’s spill the tea!”  Who amongst you watched the Oscars on Sunday night?  Even if you didn’t, who here saw what happened at the Oscars?  […]

Welcome, Marybeth!

March 23, 2022 I’m tremendously excited to have Marybeth O’Kelley join our team as our new, full time Administrative Specialist. She brings years of professional experience with excellent references and will bring valuable insight into the many administrative duties of our church. She will also be the pleasant voice you hear when calling the church […]

Return to the Cross: Repentance

March 16, 2022 Return to the Cross: Repentance Let’s play a little word association game.  I’ll say a word, and then you say aloud the first thing that comes to mind. Spring: ____________.  Easter: ______________.  Repentance: _____________. I’m sure the first two were easy enough; perhaps even enjoyable.  How about the last one?  Repentance is […]

Return to the Cross: Sacrifice

March 9, 2022 Return to the Cross: Sacrifice If you want to embrace the empty tomb, (say it with me) you must return to the cross!  What a great start we had to our Lenten journey this past Sunday.  The theme of the worship was “Confession.”  Oh, how we all need to return to the […]

Return to the Cross

March 2, 2022 Return to the Cross Today, Ash Wednesday, marks the beginning of Lent.  By definition, Lent is a period lasting 40 days in our liturgical calendar from now, Ash Wednesday, until Holy Thursday (also known as Maundy Thursday).  Moreover, Lent is a journey that the Church is invited to participate in.  In regards […]

Young Adult Ministry

February 23, 2022 Beloved Church: It’s a rainy Wednesday, but I continue to celebrate the wonderful time I shared with our young adult community these past two Sundays in our listening sessions on Sunday, February 13th and 20th.  Their participation in both attendance and sharing was strong.  Our room was full and our conversation was […]

No Longer Underdogs

Last Sunday was the occasion of a very important football game in the Super Bowl. I hope you were able to enjoy the game!  Congratulations to the LA Rams, but I was pulling for the Bengals. I’m a sucker for the underdog and there are only a few teams that have historically struggled as much […]

Dr. David Hughes

Senior Pastor

Dr. David Hughes accepted the call to the senior pastor of First Baptist Church Carrollton in January 2022. David’s formation is in thanks to many fine schools, employers, churches, and his family. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish at Furman University (2005), a Master of Divinity from Erskine Theological Seminary (2018) and a Doctor of Ministry at McAfee School of Theology in Church Leadership and Administration (2023). Before accepting the call to ministry in 2011, David worked for six years for non-profits in Greenville, South Carolina and Patagonia, Chile. Previously, he served as the minister to students at First Baptist Church of Augusta (2018 – 2021) and Easley First Baptist Church (2011 – 2018). Married to Rebecca in 2006, David’s amazing wife is a constant source of love, encouragement, and partnership in the ministry. The two of them welcomed their daughter Maggie in 2012 and now watch with amazement as their precious daughter continues to grow and develop. David believes firmly that The Church is a place of invitation for all where lives can be transformed by The Gospel of Jesus Christ. His passion is to create vision and lead God’s people to express the love of Christ in the world.