Happiness Group

The Happiness Group is an active ministry for retirees and senior adults as demonstrated by their travels, gatherings and a host of interesting explorations which fire their interest and faithful participation. 

Pastoral Care

The Senior Adult Pastoral Care Ministry is focused on the very senior members of our church family and has resulted in the development of regularly scheduled in-person visits and phone calls to their residences or places of temporary occupancy, i.e., hospitalization, physical rehabilitation, etc. We also seek to coordinate the engagement of all who would be partners in the Pastoral Care ministries which includes:

  1. Hospital Ministry
  2. Nursing Home/Assisted Living Ministry
  3. Shut-In Ministry
  4. Bereavement Ministry Follow-Up

Our partners include full-time Ministerial Staff, part-time Ministerial Staff, Deacons (particularly, Deacon-of-the-Week), and Laity. 

We have begun an annual outdoor picnic for our most senior friends with great support from the church and co-sponsorship by the Generations Sunday School Class.

Weekly Events


Wednesdays (5:30-7:30pm)


Wednesdays (7:00-8:30pm)