Worship & Study

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Worship Attendance

  • In Person: 125
  • Streaming: 45

Sunday School Attendance

  • In Person: 72
    • Adults: 50
    • Youth: 5
    • Children: 17
  • Streaming: 8
    • Adults: 8


The Next Week

Wednesday, June 9
5:30p – Church Family Supper
Hosted by Chris and Mandy Smith
448 Westbrook Road

Thursday, June 10
6:00p – Youth Ice cream and Frisbee

Saturday, June 12
5:30p – Summer Kickoff for Children (Midtown Water Park)

Sunday, June 13
10:00a – Sunday School for all Ages
11:00a – Worship
3:00p – Youth Games Tribes Week 4 (The Place)
4:30p – Deacon’s Meeting (Fellowship Hall)
6:00p – Fine Arts Pop-Up Series: Johnny Jackson (Upstairs at The Place)

Monday, June 14
7:00a – Prayer Breakfast (Fellowship Hall)
9:00a – 12:00p – VBS

Tuesday, June 15
9:00a – 12:00p – VBS

Wednesday, June 16
9:00a – 12:00p – VBS
5:30p – Church Family Supper
Hosted by Tommy & Ann Catherine Cox
205 Lakewood Drive

Looking Ahead

June 14-18
9a -12p – Vacation Bible School

Thursday, June 17
2:00p – Youth Pool Party

June 19-21
Youth Summer Retreat

Tuesday, June 22
9:00a – PreK Park and Play
5:30p – Personnel Committee Meeting

Wednesday, June 23
5:30p – Church Family Supper
Hosted by Patti Brown-Traylor
352 W. Club Drive

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Special Gifts

In memory of Bruce Brewer, Louise Shackleford, and Joan Collins
by Marla Dugan

In memory of Charles & Grace Todd, Louise Shackleford, and Amberly Gordon
by Mrs. Sandra Brown

In honor of Susan Anderson
by Harry Anderson Jr. and Vicki Darratt


Weekly Events


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Wednesdays (7:00-8:30pm)